Make Your Own Medicines and Save Big!

Several years ago when I began using natural remedies for my family during times of illness, I was impressed with 3 things:

  1. How well natural remedies worked.
  2. There were no harmful short-term or long-term effects on health.
  3. How much money I saved by not going to the doctor!

Even with insurance, my co-pays 10 years ago were $25 a visit, plus the cost of medicine.  Today, my co-pays are $45 a visit, plus the cost of medicine.  Realizing I could purchase a bottle of natural medicine for $10-$20 that lasted us for several sicknesses, I really began to appreciate not only finding a healthy way to treat my family’s sickness, but a much more affordable way!

About three or four years ago, I began making my own natural medicines for my family.  It used to seem quite a daunting task to attempt anything like making medicines.  I thought a person had to have a science lab to attempt such a feat.  However, after watching a few YouTube videos, reading a few herbal books, and making my own medicines, I was again struck with 3 things:

  1. How well my own medicines worked.
  2. How very easy and do-able it was to make my own medicine.
  3. How I could save even more money by making my own!

While I make more medicines than what is listed below, I’m going to highlight the savings on 4 remedies I make.

Join me over at A Mama’s Story for the rest!

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