Go Play in the Dirt! It’s Good for Your Health

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By Susan Vinskofski of learningandyearning.

Go Play in the Dirt. It's Good for your Health! @learningandyearning

Did you realize that our health is intimately connected to soil? 

It plays a role in our mental health as well. 

Read learningandyearning’s 

to learn more about a very special bacteria found in soil which boosts serotonin in our brains. 

The post has lots of ideas for getting dirty, too! {As if you needed help with that.} 

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    My Grandmother always said that one of the problems with kids these days is that they don’t play in the dirt any more! (Now of course, the story goes that my Daddy was once pronounced dead after eating a lot of dirt! Obviously he survived). Guess all things in moderation!

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