A Parent’s Guide To Treating Fevers Naturally

I’ve been treating fevers naturally for years, but have still had unanswered questions.  

How high should I let the fever get before I start treating it naturally? 

Why does my daughter hallucinate when she has a fever?  

Should I be concerned about the possibility of febrile seizures or brain damage?   

When I recently began reading Meagan {from Growing Up Herbal} ‘s new ebook, I thought: now my questions on fevers will finally be answered!  Treating Fevers Naturally answered these questions for me!

As a registered nurse and family herbalist, Meagan has done an excellent job of laying this subject all out so that parents don’t need to be afraid of fevers, but can treat them confidently.  I believe most parents have misconceptions about fevers and can even be putting their child in danger by not handling fever situations correctly.

Meagan’s new ebook is packed full of all the information you need to confidently treat your child when a fever strikes, and it is backed with plenty of research and resources.  After reading this fever guide, I now feel more confident in treating fevers!

In this ebook, Meagan answers these common questions:

  • What is a fever?
  • What causes a fever?
  • What is the purpose of a fever?
  • What is happening in the body during a fever?
  • What symptoms accompany a fever?
  • Understanding “degrees” of fever
  • When to be concerned by a fever
  • How to prevent a fever
  • How to treat fevers naturally

    Treating Fevers Naturally is the ultimate guide to treating fevers!  You will not find better information on this subject anywhere!  

    You can buy it here.

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