Are Vaccinations Proven Safe?

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We don’t know the full impact vaccines have on short or long-term health.  Only about half of the vaccine injuries reported are even brought before a court.  Out of those reported, nearly 4 out of 5 cases are rejected.  The studies on vaccines are inadequate.  Most are funded by the drug companies that have financial ties involved.  Many vaccine studies are done by comparing a vaccine against a previously licensed vaccine.  Forgive me, but this makes me laugh.  These studies are of course going to result in similar reactions, allowing the research to say that vaccines are “safe” because the tests have similar results.  I want to see controlled randomized studies conducted comparing vaccines with true placebos.  

In 1986, congress passed a law called The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which “eliminates manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects.” {Read more here}  Why did the court pass this law?  This law was passed because of the dramatic increase of vaccine injury lawsuits in the 1970’s against vaccine manufacturers.  The case of serious vaccine injuries is nothing new.  Many parents have seen the connection between vaccines and a dramatic change in their child{ren} for years.  The courts decided to pass a law to protect the vaccine manufacturers from being liable for vaccine damage because the cases were becoming many in number.

Do you know who is responsible if your child suffers a vaccine injury?

You are.  Please read that again and think about it.  The law says that you, the parent, are responsible for any injuries your child may have as a result from vaccines.  No, I did not say that the government that forces vaccinations holds themselves responsible, or that your doctor who pushes vaccinations is responsible.  You the parents are responsible for any vaccine injury your children face.  

I don’t believe the American government has a right to force anything on its people, especially something that they say is not 100% effective, they hold me responsible for, and that they cannot say is safe.  Which leads me to this thought: the CDC says that “vaccines are actually very safe”, while the Supreme Court says they are “unavoidably unsafe“.  This doesn’t add up to me.

Recently the FDA took a new position on anti-bacterial soaps because of the chemical additive, triclosan.  I have not bought antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers for years.  Why?  Because I’m an ingredient reader.  I didn’t like the ingredients in the products, so I found a safer alternative.  I didn’t choose healthier alternatives for my family years ago because of anything the FDA said, I chose healthier alternatives because I did not feel the ingredients in antibacterial soaps and other similar products were the best for my family.  The whole country will now re-think using antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers because of this statement by the FDA.  Am I such a terrible mom for researching vaccine ingredients now and how they can affect my children, instead of waiting years down the road when the FDA may recall vaccinations after the damage is done?  
If the FDA followed the same principle with vaccine ingredients as they are now about antibacterials soaps, they would be demanding something safer.  

Let’s look at EWG’s database, comparing triclosan {in antibacterial soaps} with formaldehyde {a vaccine ingredient}:

Triclosan – health concern is moderate to high
Formaldehye – health concern is high

Triclosan is not considered as high of a health concern as formaldehyde, and yet formaldehyde is found in 5 of the 10 vaccinations given to infants and young children!  We are not just washing our hands with formaldehyde, we are directly injecting it into the body of infants through vaccines, which has a far greater impact on their health.  I would really like to see the CDC change their recommended vaccine schedule, recommending fewer vaccinations per visit, and waiting until the child is older.

Here’s some more food for thought:
In 2012, 35 people were infected with a strain of salmonella found in peanut butter.  Result: FDA recalled

In 2012, samples of cantaloupe grown in Indiana showed evidence of salmonella, sickening 178 people.  Result: FDA recalled

In 2012, 32 people were sickened by an E.coli outbreak found in spinach.  Result: FDA recalled

From 2006-2013, the Gardasil vaccine caused 136 deaths and over 20,000 reports of adverse reactions.  Result:  Vaccine not recalled 

Thousands of people have died or been injured from vaccinations.  Nothing is done to conduct proper safety studies, find safer ingredients, or reduce the number of vaccinations given at one time and to infants so young.

Vaccinations may offer some protection against diseases, but at the expense of who?  Thousands of other children?  Some say that a few have to be sacrificed for the better of the whole, but I believe there’s a better way.  I don’t believe vaccinations are to be credited for the major reduction in disease.

Now your interest may be piqued as to what I believe is to be credited for the reduction in disease, and that is something I will cover in more detail in the next post. 



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*Disclaimer: I am not a professional, nor a doctor.  Nothing I say has been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

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    The method of “proving” vaccines safe certainly is laughable. Thank you for raising the flag to investigate the safety of inoculation before putting our loved ones at greater risk than would incur without it, especially with very young children. I’ve seen damage to more than one child, and it’s heartbreaking.

  2. says

    Hogwash! This does not prove that vaccines are safe. Vaccinations in my eyes are dangerous with the toxic ingredients. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. says

    I suppose you don’t drive a car with your children in it either (car accidents kill more people each year than vaccines. I get that all of these blogs are trying to “inform” people but I believe the real danger is these blogs. I am not appalled at all that I am responsible for the safety of my children. We want the government to stay out of our business except if something happens to my child after vaccinating them. Then we want to say it’s their fault. If you do not like living in this country where we vaccinate there are plenty of other places to go. I am getting very tired of constantly reading negative blogs like this. Since when is it the business of the general public what I do with my children. I know you will defend this blog post (and so will your readers) but try seeing it from others point of view. This sounds very judgmental instead of informative.

    • says

      Kristy, for me there is not a comparison between driving a car and injecting toxic chemicals into my children that I, as a parent, don’t believe are necessary or safe. If the government wants to hold parents responsible for vaccine injury, they should not make them mandatory, but truly give parents free choice. I am very thankful to live in America where sanitation and medical care has improved to the point of reducing diseases. I certainly don’t wish to live in another country with poor living conditions and prevalent disease, unless the Lord led me there for His purposes. I agree that it is not anyone’s business the choice you make to vaccinate and I’m thankful that we both have the freedom to choose what we feel is best for our families. Perhaps you haven’t read my first blog post {}. I have emphasized more than once that I am not telling anyone they should not vaccinate, but am sharing the reasons I don’t. I am not passing judgment on anyone, and can completely understand a mother’s desire to vaccinate in order to protect her children {I’ve been there}.

  4. says

    This series is great! I appreciate so much all the time and thought you put into the research. We have had people try to change our minds, but we have stayed true to our decision about not vaccinating. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to more!!


  5. says

    I have read, loved and Pinned every vaccination article in your series thus far. I’m pregnant with my first little one, and choosing to vaccinate or not feels a lot like playing Russian Roulette! This issue has caused so many “mommy wars” that I think a lot of bloggers (myself included!) tend to steer clear of this hot button issue. I just want to thank you so much for providing the facts without judgement so that we can all make a truly informed decision! Thank you, thank you!

    • says

      I agree that this is a hot button issue and much easier to steer clear from! 🙂 I don’t think mommy wars are very nice. I think moms can disagree in a kind way. I am not angry at anyone that does vaccinate. I have lots of friends and family that vaccinate and I love them all the same. 🙂

  6. says

    It isn’t something to divide over, but I am so thankful we decided NOT to vaccinate 23 and 21 years ago. I caused quite a stir not doing it as an RN, but I wasn’t willing to back down at our and our child’s expense. I am so glad you have written these posts…I’m still working on one from 2 years ago 🙂 God’s rich blessings to you and yours!

    • says

      That is quite something that you made the decision not to vaccinate that many years ago when most didn’t think about researching vaccines, especially being an RN! Good to hear from you, Jacqueline! xoxo

  7. Anonymous says

    Once again, it is very thought provoking to realize the bold fact that one simple toxic ingredient in a soap or hand sanitizer can cause a recall… but ‘several’ toxic ingredients in a vaccination are buried under the rug. Thanks for exposing the truth about the Govt. holding us liable as parents by law, not the manufacturers, in case of an accident or reaction. I suppose its in the documents you sign before you’re injected. It makes sense of course. So many things like that are in fine print, and money makers backs ‘must’ be covered, of course. But parents don’t really consider it for what it is. It sounds like a lot of other things out there that have been through law suits, nicotine included. Good job on your research!

  8. says

    Several vaccines are a big concern to me. It doesn’t make sense to give newborn infants the hepatitis B vaccine to protect them from the exposure to blood and body fluids. The thought is that it will prevent sexually transmitted disease or exposure to diseased blood thru an accident–but by the time the child is a teenager the vaccine may have worn off.

    The MMR vaccine–original strain of cells–has been grown on aborted fetal cells. The vaccine may contain fragments of DNA.

    My daughter (pediatric nurse) has witnessed brief seizures following the administration of the gardasil vaccine.

    There may a few vaccines that are truly helpful. It is more important for the immune system to mature with the support of a healthy lifestyle.

  9. says

    I have always “questioned” vaccinations, something that has caused me to stand out in our small community. In later years I have been “forced” to vaccinate so that my children can attend school. I would home school but I do not feel I have the ability to teach my children properly and adequately. (another topic for another day) To make a long story short, because of my decision, I have been targeted by our local CPS for medical neglect. Even thought I followed all orders on their “prevention plan” they came into my home, took my 6 children, healthy, happy, well fed children and told me because I didn’t participate in WIC (we don’t qualify) and delayed vaccinations. It’s a mess, but I still stand by my decision and still hold a low opinion for vaccinations. I only wish I didn’t have to be made an example of.

  10. says

    Hi Jill, I agree with everything you said here, however, my concern is living on the farm with rusty nails and the terrorizing thought of tetanus. What would you do if your child stepped on a nail? Is there any natural remedies? What would you suggest? Would it be too late to get the vaccine at that point (assuming they may have tetanus but not really knowing for sure). Thanks for your response in advance…

    • says

      Jes, tetanus is often a fatal disease, but it is RARE. Most cases of tetanus occur in adults and not babies or children. Tetanus is NOT a childhood disease, so it makes no sense to me that it is included in vaccinations as though it is a serious childhood disease. I believe the cases in adults are from poor immune systems. In our country, the number of cases of tetanus has not changed before or after vaccinated populations. I believe a healthy immune system is the best defense. Vaccinations compromise the immune system – likely long-term, making the body less able to fight the diseases. If a child steps on a nail, I would do epsom salt foot baths – soak for about 20 minutes – do this immediately and repeatedly. Keep the wound clean and keep covered with a bandage. I would also internally give high doses of vitamin C and a natural antibiotic like garlic or colloidal silver. Thanks for the question!

    • says

      Thank you for taking the time to respond, the information, and ideas for treatment. I had also heard to pour kerosene over the wound as well.

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