My Response To The Mother Charged In Son’s Strep Death

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In light of my recent post on treating strep at home, I had more than one person share this news article with me.  Tragically, a seven year old boy died after having been in bed for 10 days with strep.  The mother is now being charged with neglect.  Whatever the facts are about this tragedy, my heart goes out to the family and friends involved.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. The media does not always portray the truth.  We simply do not know all the details.
  2. We don’t know what remedies the mom was using, or how often she was giving them.  Was she aggressive?  Was he responding to natural treatment at all?  If not, she should have sought medical help.
  3. We don’t know the health of the child and if he could have possibly had other health problems that made the situation more serious.
  4. If the mom did in fact allow her child to suffer in bed for 10 days with no medical help when he needed it, then she took things too far.  She should have sought medical help.
  5. Far more people die from the ill effects of conventional medicine than from natural remedies not working.  The media does not represent this truth in the least.  There are thousands upon thousands of people who die from drugs prescribed to them by their doctor.  Many have had great success safely treating strep and other illnesses at home. 

Antibiotics were created in 1945, so what did ill strep patients do before the era of antibiotics?  They used alternative treatments.  I’m not the first person to attempt treating strep at home, there are hundreds of people that have successfully done the same for many years.  Many  cannot afford a doctor, or have taken so many antibiotics that they are now immune to them, and they are seeking help on how to treat illnesses such as these.  I am not seeking to diagnose anyone, nor say that a person should not be seen by a doctor when they have strep.  I’m simply sharing my experiences in being Dr. Mom. ๐Ÿ˜‰  Antibiotics are so overused that many strains of bacteria are resistant to them.  I choose to work with the natural immune system given to us by God to fight illnesses unless medical help is necessary.

My girls and I all felt great by day 2 or 3 of our recent strep illness.  There was a marked improvement after 24 hours of treating us with natural antibiotics and immune boosters.  If at any time my girls needed medical help, I would seek medical help.  

Some people seem to get the impression that I use natural remedies to the death.  This is ridiculous.  I’m not trying to prove anything, nor do I insist on natural remedies at whatever the cost.  I use natural remedies because I believe it’s what’s best for my family.  I would never hesitate to use conventional medicine if I had to.  I am very thankful for conventional medicine when it is needed {e.g. emergencies}.

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    1. says

      Good advice, Jill. Reading your blog I’ve never gotten the impression that you would even hint at not seeking medical help when needed. We must use good sense in treating illnesses at home and in deciding when to see a physician or not. I can’t imagine the pain the family must feel in this story. That said, I read the article and no where within did I read mention of the tens of thousands of medical mistakes by licensed physicians each year in the U.S. alone. There’s a public lynch mob mentality when it comes to a parent doing what they feel is best for their child when it doesn’t go along with modern medicine. On the other hand, there’s an “oh well” attitude when physicians make wrong decisions and lose patients (read that kill them). And that happens so often it is really a concern. For trauma situations (accidents, etc.) and when a patient is not improving in an expected time frame modern medicine is absolutely indispensable, but it’s definitely not without room for improvement when it comes to prescribing antibiotics for every thing that comes along during cold and flu season.

    2. Jennifer says

      I agree! I do take my children to the doctor if I am unsure of what is going on, but I try to do naturals as much as possible. Many times they get over the sickness faster anyway.

    3. says

      I so agree, my boys are 15 and 17, if something is going on for 3 days I ask them if they want to go to the doctor, they always say no. However, nothing we have dealt with has been life threatening. I just want to let them know if they want to see a doctor I will take them.

    4. says

      This certainly is a tragedy that this child died, but as you said we don’t know all the facts. I strongly believe in natural remedies, but I also think there is place for conventional medicine. The 2 worlds need to work together but unfortunately in most cases they don’t. I agree with you full heartily that many people die from the either long term or short term side affects of prescription drugs yet they continue to prescribe and people use them every day. I have seen in own life the affects of the over use of antibiotics and wish I had known 20 years ago the information that I know now – I could have saved myself so much pain and discomfort. Thanks for your great article – will share on google, twit & pin.

    5. says

      HERE HERE….

      I have been a touch sickly twice in the past month…both times I have used the old herbal remedies granny used when alive…Granny 2 Obamacare 0….however, had they gotten worse to where the remedies were not working I would seek out medical attention.
      There is nothing wrong with a mix to create a harmonic balance between nature and the chemical industry…nature of course takes precedence.

    6. Anonymous says

      Yes, this ‘has’ been well said. I hope antagonists can better realize how youre not by any means being foolish with your children. You made your point kindly and clearly. But its so true that the remedies that have been used for so many hundreds, and even thousands of years, before modern antibotics were made available, are tried and true….

    7. Anonymous says

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