Make Your Own 5-Minute Antibiotic Garlic Salve

Garlic is a powerful antibiotic.  Consuming 3 cloves of garlic is said to be equal to taking one dose of antibiotics, but without the side effects.  One way I like to get the properties of garlic into my family is with homemade garlic salve.

Garlic Salve

This powerful garlic salve takes me 5 minutes to make and is an excellent way to get antibiotics into a patient.  When rubbed on the back and chest, it helps with coughs and congestion, as well as getting it into the system; when rubbed on the bottoms of the feet, this salve goes directly into the bloodstream to do its work.  You can use it for any illness: fevers, coughs, congestion, flu, viruses, bacterial infections, etc.  I do give a natural antibiotic internally along with the salve like colloidal silver, echinacea, raw garlic, etc.

This recipe for garlic salve is taken from Be Your Own Doctor.  This book is the one I go to most for times of illness: a must have for every bookshelf!



 Homemade Antibiotic Garlic Salve

1/3 cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons olive oil
8 cloves peeled garlic {must be raw garlic}
5 drops of lavender essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend well.  Strain through a fine strainer and pour liquid into a glass jar.  Keep refrigerated.

To use, rub the salve on the chest, back, and bottoms of feet at least 4 times a day.  Apply hourly for more serious conditions like pneumonia, croup, whooping cough, serious asthma attacks, etc.

How do you use garlic for illness?

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  1. AJ says


    Do you think this will be a good substitute for an oral honey, garlic, cayenne mix? My 13 month old just is not a fan, but that concoction is usually our go to when the runny noses start. And I think we’ve just begun with our first summer runny nose/chest cold for the season. Thanks for the recipe!!

    • says

      I think this salve would work great for runny noses and colds! Depending on how bad the cold is, you may need to give something internally as well. I typically use this externally and give something orally also. If you treat the cold from the onset though, you may not. Thanks for the question!

      • AJ says

        Jill, how do you dose colloidal silver? I want to add that to our cold regimen along with elderberry syrup, vit c, and garlic salve. But I can’t find dosing info anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!

        • says

          It’s typically 1 tsp. for adults and 1/4-1/2 tsp. for children. Take 3-5 times a day if slightly sick. Take hourly for more serious illnesses.

  2. says

    We rub the garlic cloves on the bottom of our feet for bad fevers but your salve looks like a better alternative. Thank you for sharing!

    • says

      I used to make poultices for the feet and chest, but I do find that I like this method better of mixing it with oils. Good to hear from you, Jes!

    • says

      You don’t have to use the lavender oil – a lot of people add it in salves because it is so good for the skin. I’m not for sure how long this salve is good for – just be sure to keep it refrigerated! I normally cut the recipe in half, and we use it up before it could go bad.

  3. says

    This is awesome! I’m so excited to try it. Do you think this could be applied to the abdomen area as well for chronic diarrhea/GI issues/dysbiosis? And how often do you recommend using it for maintenance if there is no specific issue? Thanks so much!

    • says

      I think this would be great for those issues, Kristin! I have never used it for maintenance, but that’s a great thought too! I’ve heard that a clove of garlic a day is good, so I guess using a small amount that would equal a clove of garlic would be ideal. Of course if I used it regularly, I would take a break here and there. Most people probably don’t want to walk around smelling like garlic, so if using it for something other than an illness, it’s probably a good idea to use at night and then wash off in the morning. 😉 Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  4. Shirley says

    Thank you for sharing this! I am a firm believer in the healing properties of garlic, but had not heard of this. We are all healthy currently, but excited to use it the next time someone gets sick. 🙂

    • says

      I would use it on any age, Jen! If you notice any kind of skin irritation, you can add a tad bit more olive oil. Thanks for the question!

  5. Tana Villanueva says

    I see nothing in this post about the safety of using garlic with oils and the very big possibilty of making yourself sick because Garlic should not be stored in oil because of Botulism. Do your research people, especially if you already have health issues and have a weakened immune system.

    • says

      Hi Tana! This salve is kept refrigerated and contains lavender oil, which helps prevent spoilage. No risk of botulism! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Karlean says

    Hi, my 2 and a half month old has a cough and cold. Is it safe to use on him. My concern is that it may be to strong for him to inhale.

  7. Emily says

    This looks great! I’m a big fan of raw garlic for immune support! I wondering, do you think this could be used on an infant?? He’s almost 8 weeks and coming down with his older sisters cold… Maybe on his feet?

  8. Kimberly says

    My daughter is breastfeeding and has had several painful lumps, swollen red breasts, and an infection with 104 temp which caused her to be hospitalized for five days hooked up to 2 IVs.She also has asthma, severe food allergies and reactions to medicines.She wasn’t allowed to give baby pumped breastmilk because of the antibiotics they gave her in hospital.She didn’t respond well to the antibiotics and they tried to convince her to take a stronger one.She refused because she would have to give up breastfeeding completely and was afraid of reacting also to it.After 4 days the antibiotic started working and she was released from hospital on day 6.Over a month later now it seems as if the infection has gone into her other breast as well.Both breasts are swollen, red,and hot and she’s in agony.Finally my question do you think your garlic salve would be helpful to her if she puts it on her breasts or the bottom of her feet? Should she try the colloidal silver internally also? Where can you buy colloidal silver? Any suggestions on natural remedies for antibiotics would be great to know since medicines make her react severely.
    Just found your site and will be checking it often for other remedies for her.A tea made from queen anne’s lace was our family’s go to for fever.We have learned to use a lot of natural ideas with her and also for our whole family.
    Thank you for all your time and work on your site.It’s great for suggestions for my daughter!

    • says

      First off, Kimberly – Welcome! I’m so glad you found my site and have contacted me!
      It sounds like your daughter is having troubles with mastitis, which I dealt with several times so I know how much she is suffering! I will say that I never had to take antibiotics for it. Let me share what I did. First, it’s important to realize that you have to deal with these infections aggressively and immediately. As soon as she in the least suspects she has this infection – hit it hard! I would take natural antibiotics internally. I would suggest taking either silver, which can be found online at Amazon or websites like Silver Living Tech { }. I would take silver hourly, or raw garlic hourly. Another favorite natural antibiotic is Double E mix that I buy { }. I would add 8 teaspoons of the mix to a quart of boiling water, remove from heat, cover and steep for 20 minutes. Strain herbs and drink throughout the day. I would do this large amount for 3 days or so. It’s important to split the quart up to drinking it throughout the day and not all at once or halfway through the day. So I would take one of these natural antibiotics aggressively. I would also add powdered vitamin C {Nutribiotic is my favorite on Amazon} to whichever natural antibiotic she chooses, and take that hourly. In addition to this, rest a lot, drink a lot of water or herbal tea, cut out all sugar and processed foods. Another key factor is to have the baby nurse with its chin resting wherever the clogged duct is. Sometimes for me this meant laying on the bed with my baby nursing with her feet by my head because the clogged duct was at the top of my breast. The chin has to be lined up with the clogged duct because the baby’s chin produces the best suction. Make sure the baby nurses at least every 2 hours, even if for a little bit to help unclog it. Also, take hot showers and massage the sore spot towards the nipple. This hurts, but it will help unclog it – which is vital. She can also dip a couple cabbage leaves for a few minutes in boiling water or until softened, allow to cool for a few minutes until comfortable to the touch but still very hot. Wrap the breasts with 2 or 3 layers of the leaves, cover with a warm, damp cloth and leave for an hour. Afterward, massage the breast toward the nipple.
      So, a natural antibiotic, nursing often, and heat should do the trick. It has never failed for me! And yes the garlic salve would be a great addition to add to her feet. I don’t believe I would put it directly on the breasts in this situation, though you could rub it on her feet, wrist, or chest/belly area to get extra antibiotics in her through the skin. Thanks for the question! 🙂

  9. Anthony says

    Hello Jill,

    I have been making this and using it for my now 19th month son since he was 6 months, it works great. I myself consume raw garlic as well as apple cider vinegar daily for health benefits. One big question, how long does this salve remain potent? the 3tbl olive oil, 3tbl coconut oil and the 3 cloves of garlic makes roughly 3.5oz of salve. I used this last time my son was sick about 5 months ago and it has been refrigerated in an airtight jar since. I know hi temperatures break down the allicin but im sure it degrades over time. though it being a oil mixture probably preserves the allicin longer. Do you have any insight regarding this?

    thanks alot,


  10. Sommer says

    Hi! My LO is nearly 6 months and has had a terrible cold for the last couple days and through my research I’ve come across your blog. I don’t have lavender EO would it be ok to omit? Just use coconut oil and garlic? If so, how long would it keep? I was thinking only a day. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi, Sommer! I know that immediate refrigeration greatly reduces the risk of bacteria growing. I’ve read that this would be fine for 2 weeks in the fridge, but without the lavender oil, it may be less. You could always make a small amount at a time to use it up in a day if you are concerned. I hope your little girl is all better quickly!
      Jill recently posted…Improve Eyesight and Night Vision With Bilberry!My Profile

      • Kasia says

        Hi, I used this without the lavender oil on my son last night. I put some on his feet and upper back. He broke out with a bright red rash on his back. Not the feet. Please help!!

        • says

          Oh no! I have used this on baby skin and never had an issue. (I place olive oil on first for the very young.) Either it was made too strong or he is sensitive to the garlic or coconut oil. Hope he’s all better!

          • Madeline says

            The garlic Salve I use is slightly different. The cloves are not minced or blended but simmered in the oil for a long period until infused. This takes away the “raw” quality, but still retains the natural antiviral properties of the garlic. It also takes away the burning that can happen on sensitive skin.

        • AJ says

          This happens to my little ones, too, on their chest. Using the olive oil first helps, but I just make sure to only use it on their feet now.

  11. Madeline says

    I just wanted to add two unconventional uses for this, that may sound strange but really work! I just had a baby 9 weeks ago, and I got a terrible case of hemorrhoids, nothing was relieving them after a week. I applied the garlic salve and it cleared them up by morning!
    Next up is chicken pox. My 7 year old was covered in over 250 pox, which are caused by a virus. What better to use than a natural antiviral? I decided to do an experiment. One leg got calamine lotion before bed, the other got garlic salve. 20 minutes later he emerged from bed to ask for the garlic all over the rest of his body. By morning the only thing itching was the un-garliced spots. By morning they were so small, and didn’t itch at all.


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