My Daughter Was Diagnosed With Asthma {and What I Plan To Do About It}

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A few weeks ago one of my daughters started coughing in the night {which happens with her occasionally}, and I began giving her lung tea like I normally do when she has coughing spells.  This time she had a virus that caused her to throw up the tea, so it seemed it was not able to do its job.  Her cough, wheezing, and ability to breathe rapidly got worse to the point that I was running to my van to get her to the local ER.  She had to be airlifted to a hospital in the bigger city.  It was a scary experience and I’m thankful for the skilled doctors and nurses that took excellent care of her and saved her life!  As a reminder, I do prefer using natural remedies for their safety and effectiveness, but I never hesitate to take my children to a doctor if it’s needed.  I know that conventional medicine is sometimes needed and I’m very thankful for it when it is!

This daughter of mine has had lung problems since she was 4.  After having taken her to the doctor for pneumonia at that young age, and then a month later for asthmatic bronchitis, I began to research how to help her lungs so that she wasn’t continually getting sick.  She seemed to have upper respiratory problems easily {at this point she was not diagnosed with asthma}.  I discovered Dr. Christopher’s formula for lung tea, and have been making it myself and using it for the past 3 years very successfully to help Ruth’s lungs.  The lung tea recipe works wonders for asthma, coughs, congestion, bronchitis, and anything lung related.  I now know that this mixture of herbs is what has controlled her asthma attacks over the last 3 years.

So why did she end up at the ER?  For one, as I mentioned already, she was throwing up the lung tea I was giving her.  Two, she was diagnosed at the hospital with Rhinovirus, which is an upper respiratory virus.  Upper respiratory viruses can become very serious for those with asthma.  I didn’t realize that Ruth had a virus at the beginning of her illness.  She wasn’t running a fever nor complaining of nausea or aches.  I now regret not giving her colloidal silver or echinacea hourly, which may have kept the virus from getting so bad and helped us avoid an ER trip.  It’s always easy to look back and think about what we should have done differently – which is a great way to learn!  Not only do I want to keep Ruth from ever having such a dangerous asthma attack again, I also want to be prepared to handle an emergency if I can’t get her to the doctor.  I’ve heard some pretty scary stuff about the healthcare in other countries, and I don’t want to assume that we will always have access to the wonderful healthcare that we do now.  

At the hospital the doctors diagnosed Ruth with asthma.  Thankfully her asthma is not bad enough for her to need regular medication, but only an inhaler for emergencies.

…Only I don’t want my daughter to have to rely on an inhaler.  My goal is to get to the root of what is causing her asthma and not just try to fix her symptoms.  I want her healed!

Here are some remedies for asthma that I have discovered in my research already, and what I plan to do more extensive research on:

  • Continue to use lung tea when/if she starts coughing or wheezing.  This tea works so well at stopping the asthma before it gets too bad.
  • Put her on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet for her for however long she needs it.  From all the testimonies I’ve heard of from others that have healed asthma, this seems to be the main key.  I don’t believe that gluten-free is necessary forever and ever for most people, but believe that it is sometimes necessary to correct certain health problems.  Many people have had success with healing asthma by cutting these foods from their diets.  And some people may need to avoid gluten and dairy always.
  • Quercetin/Bromelain combo has been proven to reduce allergies and asthma attacks.  I plan to give this to her 3 times a day 20 minutes before a meal.
  • Read articles like this one on how others have healed asthma.

Have you treated or healed asthma naturally?

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  1. says

    Hi Jill,
    I love your website and I’m a subscriber.
    At 2 years old, my son was diagnosed with asthma also and at the worst point he was on 5 medications and the doctors said he would have to take ‘preventative’ meds for life. After much research, I found that many asthmatic kids are deficient in magnesium. So I began to sprinkle 250 mg of magnesium on his PBJ whenever he began wheezing and it would open up his bronchial airways within minutes. That and adding NAC, – a powerful lung antioxidant, and going dairy and gluten free did the trick. He has not had an asthmatic attack for over 6 years.
    Leann Forst, MBA, CHHP, AADP

    • says

      Oh thank you for sharing! I have magnesium lotion that I use on myself and I will start putting it on her. Will look into the NAC also. Thanks so much Leann!

  2. Dorothy says

    A few things I found helpful for my daughter who had asthma like tendencies, but has grown out of it:

    Marshmallow/Fenugreek- we would use a powder form and mix it with 1 tsp. applesauce- she loved it (3x a day and throughout the night as needed- we used it during any time we were having difficulty breathing, coming down with a cold, or dry cough).

    Hydro therapy for night time coughing fits: in a nutshell, hot wet towel wrapped around the chest until it becomes lukewarm (opens and removes impurities), then you wrap a cold wet towel around their chest (closes so impurities can’t return for a bit); wrap blanket around them and snuggle until towel is luke warm. Remove, dress child…….awe, now we can both get some sleep.

    I have lobelia on hand, for an emergency, if I need to open up airways (haven’t had to use it.)

    Because He Lives,

    • says

      The lung tea I use includes marshmallow and lobelia – I agree they are great for asthma, coughs, congestion, etc. Love your hydrotherapy idea! I also plan to make a lobelia tincture for emergencies. Thanks for sharing, Dorothy!

  3. Amy says

    Thanks for the information! I’ve had asthma since a child for the last 18 years. I control it pretty well but cutting out wheat and dairy. We use spelt flour, which is still a cousin of wheat and still technically wheat. But has lower gluten, and is more easily digested. Some people who can’t tolerate wheat can still have spelt. ( all 3 of my kids also are sensitive to wheat and dairy.) and we use sheeps milk cheese. It’s a hard cheese kinda like parmasean. Doesn’t melt great, but it’s still cheese! 🙂 ( Costco carries some for a good price) we seem to keep problems at bay if we stick to those things. My problem is not letting dairy slip in here and there. I still have a rescue inhaler for if I get sick, the sickness always goes straight to me lungs. I’m very interested to check out the lung tea recipe. I used the strep throat remedy suspcessfully that you posted earlier! ( thanks!! ) off to research, it’s been on my list to find something to help, my asthma just doesn’t show up often enough to keep my mind on it. But I do hate the way those inhalers make me feel! And don’t like having to take them when I’m pregnant. Thanks again Jill!! 🙂 I hope your daughter feels better soon, my mom was always worried about my asthma as a kid, it’s just “normal” to me! It’s always harder for the mamas!

  4. says

    Dr. Marshall {} believes all problems with the lungs come from the gut; too many antibiotics, dairy, gluten, parasites, etc. that have caused poor digestion and leads to lots of other problems. I am sure you have her on good probiotics. If I were you, I would fill her up on good bone broths also which are very healing to the gut. I have read that if you take away all the foods that are hard on your gut for awhile and let it heal, once it is healed you can try slowly adding them back. I am sure you can heal your daughter of this. Doctors told my mom colitis was incurable and she completely cured herself!

  5. says

    We have been able to get our youngest off of all his asthma medications with diet and exercise. He all ready was dairy free but we learned recently he has a lot of other allergies. But the ones that really helped calm his asthma down was removing red and yellow food coloring. I hope you don’t mind but here is a link to my post that explains more about my sons allergies and his other health issues we have had.

  6. says

    What a frightening experience for your daughter! I developed asthma 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 32 after a terrible round of mono (which turned into chronic EBV). I have both celiac disease and Hashimoto’s, and I follow SCD for gut-healing (but I eat only goat’s milk dairy products; no cow’s milk products). And while the diet and resulting gut-healing is definitely helping w/my asthma control, by FAR the most crucial supplements I’ve found for keeping it controlled are B vitamins and selenium!

  7. says

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you for your website there is so much valuable information here! I’m sorry to hear about the asthma trouble for your little one. I’ve had asthma since age 9 and I’m now 34. Three years ago I decided I needed to do more to control my asthma because I was relying on inhalers daily and they made me feel terrible. I’m having great success naturally controlling my asthma and I’d like to share some of the preventative measures I’ve taken to see if something is helpful for your situation.

    I take an herbal supplement that contains garlic, ginger, aloe, senna, cascara sagrada, barberry, clove, and turmeric to keep my digestive system cleansed. I stopped eating refined sugar, refined white flower, and dairy. I have green smoothies for breakfast, here is an example of my typical daily green smoothie; water, coconut water, ginger root, celery, kiwi, parsley, and romaine lettuce. My 4 year old daughter likes that one so I call it kid approved 😉

    I also focused on retraining my breathing. I was a heavy mouth breather for as long as I can remember until I read an article about how unhealthy it was. This was a hard one for me but after some practice and the help of a couple of breath training devices I was able to become a gentle nose breather.

    I’m not sure if these methods are appropriate for a child but I do hope that you are able to find something helpful. I have a lot more information to share but I don’t want to take up too much space, please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss anything.

    Jesse Martinez

  8. says

    For every health problem, there are foods with supplements that could suppress the effects, prevent it or even cure in some cases. like I usually say, food, vegetables and water are the best medications. There are several studies on the effects of flax seeds extracts on acute asthma. there’s other food supplements that can help you reduce the risks of asthma attack

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