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I’ve never been much of a planner person.  In the past I’ve always just jotted events on the calendar and kept up with things that way.  However as my girls get older, I find myself busier than in the past.  Piano lessons, violin lessons, volleyball practice, horse lessons, 4-H, homeschool activities, church activities, and herb clubs have quickly filled up my calendar, and I have seen the benefit and necessity of a daily planner.

I’ve tried different planners, but have never used one like this Daily Planner sent to me by Sue Hooley from Homemaker’s Friend.  I find myself actually using this planner and carrying it with me everywhere I go.  I would be completely lost without it!

As a wife and mother of 6, Sue Hooley understands that a homemaker’s day can rarely be scheduled the same every day.  As much as I have tried and would love to have a daily rigid schedule, I’ve realized it just isn’t practical as a homeschooling mother of 4.  Unlike many other planners, this planner allows the flexibility I need.

Let me give you a sneak peak into this planner so you can understand why I love it:

I can record events for the next year that I need to remember.


 The monthly calendar helps me to see all at once what I have planned for the month.  This is also where I keep track of when my bills are due.


The daily task section helps me organize each unique day that we have.  I can include school hours, chores, blog writing, activities, thing I need to get done etc. for that specific day.


The projects and events section helps me to write down goals I have to clean out a closet, make plans for my blog, herbal-medicine making, etc.  I can go to this section to see what I can work on when I have a free weekend.


I can keep track of important numbers and addresses.


I absolutely LOVE the shopping list section!  When I realize that we are low on something, I add it to my list in the planner.  The shopping list has perforated edges so you can easily tear it out if you prefer to just bring the list with you or send the list with someone else to do your shopping.


Besides helping me stay more organized, the color schemes and layout of the planner are very appealing with plenty of space to write and record what’s needed.

If you could use some more organization in your life, I highly recommend the Daily Planner by Homemaker’s Friend.

The great news is that Sue is offering $1 off the new 2015 Daily Planner by using this link HERE.

You may find, like me, that it’s the only planner that you actually use. 🙂

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