Wild Greens Salad Mix

Wild Greens Salad Mix | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Kick your salad up a notch! Add some wild greens to it and boost its nutrition even further!

I remember so well sitting around the table in my grandma’s kitchen, hearing her wild foraging stories.  Her stories and way of living absolutely fascinated me. As the youngest of 14 children, she acquired the job as a young girl of foraging for wild greens for supper meals.  Her mother taught her how to identify each edible plant that grew in their area.  She became quite the expert at it.  In our day, foraging isn’t as common as it once was.  We’ve become dependent on the local grocery store, or growing our own greens.  The store and your garden are great sources for healthy salad, but it’s also important to take advantage of the greens growing around us that are edible.

Why learn to forage?

1. Foraging is free food!  When you learn how to identify edible plants, you have a source of free food at your fingertips!  It’s not only good for learning survival skills, but it’s also good economics now.

2.  Wild plants contain top nutrition.  When you eat food that has been freshly picked from the wild, you get all of the immediate nutrition the plant has to offer.

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