A Fast Way To Get Rid Of Cold Sores

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Do you deal with cold sores?  Cold sores are painful, annoying, and stressful.  Not that I know this from experience because I’ve never had one, but I know this from close family members dealing with them.  If you suffer from cold sores, you need a fast way to get rid of them!  You don’t need the stress of dealing with them, especially when stress is a huge contributor to the cold sore in the first place!  Let’s not add insult to injury here!

In the past I’ve normally turned to Lysine as a natural remedy for cold sores.  Don’t get me wrong, lysine is a great remedy.  I’ve purchased the cream to apply externally, and I’ve purchased the powdered form to give internally.  L-Lysine is an essential amino acid and must be obtained through diet or supplements.  This “essential” amino acid is essential for all of our diets, so I often add it to our kefir smoothies.  L-Lysine is a great way to prevent cold sores.  Taking it on a regular basis can keep them away.  Also, if you feel your lip “tingle” (as those that get cold sores tell me), and you know a sore will pop out any day, take L-Lysine internally  and/or place the cream on your tingling lip, and you should be able to prevent the sore from popping out altogether.

A Fast Way To Get Rid Of Cold Sores

But what if a full-blown cold sore shows itself without warning?

Like I said, in the past I’ve always only relied on putting L-Lysine cream on the sore, and it did work very effectively, but I found myself out of this cream when one of my kiddos woke up with several cold sores on her mouth.  She didn’t just have one cold sore, but 15-20 little bitty ones.  She had a couple larger sores with several tiny individual sores on them.  Her mouth was just a mess.

Rachel Cold Sore

 After seeing her mouth, I grabbed a bottle of peroxide and several cotton balls and had her pour peroxide on the cotton and hold it on her mouth for several minutes.  She did this every few hours.

In just a few hours, her cold sores were reduced dramatically!

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This method of using peroxide produced by far the fastest way that we have seen cold sores heal.  Continue to apply peroxide each day until sores are gone.

Check out my other post for more Natural Remedies For Cold Sores.

How do you naturally treat cold sores?

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  1. Terri T. says

    Great article! I must share my best trick for battling cold sores. I’ve dealt with cold sores or fever blisters, since childhood. Let me get stressed, and you can almost watch my lip blossom. I’ve even taken Acyclovir for 20+ years, I am so prone to them. The discomfort is bad enough, and then there is the ugly, crusted lip that nags on afterwards. The ugly part is what made me desperate enough to try iodine on them. After all, it already looks horrid! Guess what? Iodine is now my go to treatment, especially if the Acyclovir doesn’t quite arrest the blister. Painted on the affected area at night, the discoloration is pretty much gone by morning. It really works well, and you can’t find anything much cheaper! Also, there is now colorless iodine, but not as easy to find. I found it at CVS for under $5 a bottle, but have seen it close to $10 in a small pharmacy. Yikes! This concoction is about 60% ammonia, so is quite pungent. As for the colorless bit, I have noted this I’d something, peroxide as a matter of fact, gets on it, then it immediately developed color! Just stick with the cheap stuff and “paint within the lines” as best possible! Hope this helps someone!

  2. Wendy says

    Do you happen to know if these remedies will work for genital herpes? If not, do you have any recommendations? Thank you.

  3. Nicola M says

    I use garlic for my cold sores.

    I’ve used apple cider vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and more creams than I can name. But the thing that’s worked best for me is crushed fresh garlic.

    You add a little boiling water to it to make it into a firm paste, put it into a paper towel and keep it on the cold sore till it feels like it’s burning. And it will feel like it’s burning.

    Keep it on another minute or so and then take it off. If you leave it on too long you’ll get boils. It’ll feel like it’s still burning for another 5-10 minutes.

    I generally trat an individual cold sore 1 or 2 times. When I first feel it coming (I detest that infernal tingle) and before going to sleep that night.

    One time I got a cold sore while flying and by the time I reached the grocery store it had well and truly erupted. I treated myself 3 times that day, and the next day it had crusted over.

  4. Laura says

    We used peroxide as well, until we figured out that iodine works much better . It dyes the skin a orangey brown colour for a bit, but if you really want them gone I recommend iodine.

  5. Anon says

    At that first little warning lump. You know it’s not a pimple, it doesn’t feel the same. Use a q-tip to apply regular red iodine to the area as much as you can/have time to do so. Better if you dry the area first with rubbing alcohol, used with coconut oil even better (coconut oil can penetrate the virus wall) the sore will not even present. Iodine heals skin from the innermost layer up. This works for me and everyone I have ever told. Other over the counter treatment still leave you with a visible mark. The only mark from iodine is the color it can stain you skin, but used at home, no one need see. This works amazingly well. I found out by accident and am surprised it is not common knowledge. Nothing works better.

    • says

      Nothing and I mean nothing works better than iodine. I order something called 3rdi triodide from Amazon and I have literally stopped cold sores in their tracks for the past three months. Underneath my chin began to hurt very bad a few days ago and my lymph nodes became very swollen. I assumed a cold sore was coming. I painted the triodide on my chin and my lip at bed time for three days in a row. I also used an ice pack. This morning I woke up with a slightly swollen lip, and my chin felt better. I assume the fluid dried up and a tad bit went to my lip. I can tell this would have been a monster!! Make sure you drink plenty of water, take vitamin C, and magnesium to offset the side effects of the triodide (which are very minimal). It can dehydrate you if you don’t drink enough water but it is beyond being worth it. I deal with the public and it has truly increased my quality of life.

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