Online Herbal Deals For May

May 2015 Herb Specials 

If you love saving money as much as I do, Bulk Herb Store’s 30% off sales are the time to do it!  I save so much money making my own medicines and herbal goodies for my family, and getting 30% off makes the savings even greater!


Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew


 If you are pregnant or nursing, keep a gallon of this tea in the fridge to drink by the glassful for a healthy pregnancy and baby!  This tea is healthy for the whole family too!

Contains Small Amount of Natural Caffeine: Hibiscus flowers, orange peel, rose hips, green tea, red raspberry leaf

Regular Price: $15.95

Sale Price: $11.17

Use Code MAYMAA at checkout


Daily Boost Herba-Smoothie


This smoothie mix is a great way to get your daily vitamins!  Its so easy to add these herbs to a smoothie, yogurt, or applesauce.  It’s also less expensive to take vitamins this way instead of purchasing pills.

Contains Naturally Caffeine Free: Eleuthero Root Hawthorn berries Bilberry fruit Ginkgo Burdock root Horsetail/shavegrass Oatstraw

Regular Price: $22.95
Sale Price: $16.07

Use Code MAYYUM at checkout


Snooze Tincture


Naturally Caffeine Free: Lemon Balm, Catnip, Chamomile Flower, Passionflower, Oatstraw, and Hops.

This snooze tincture is healthy and calming with no side effects!  Read the testimonies and reviews on this mixture of herbs here!

Regular Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $13.97

Use Code MAYZZZ at checkout


Resolution Tea


Herbs Contain Small Amounts of Natural Caffeine: Nettle Leaf, Peppermint, Corn Silk, Green Tea, Cinnamon Chips, Dandelion Leaf, and Eleuthero Root.

Learn how to lose and keep off the weight with Resolution Tea here!

Regular Price: $15.95
Sale Price: $11.17

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Making Babies Book



This book covers healthy recipes {including gluten-free}, natural remedies, herbal concoctions, and research about fertility, conception, morning sickness, pregnancy, birth, nursing, and losing weight!

Regular Price: $35.00

Sale Price: $24.50

Use Code MAYBOK at checkout

Making Babies DVD

Also on sale is the Making Babies 3 DVD set!  The DVD set gives you a visual experience of making the food and herbal recipes.  Be inspired to be healthy throughout your whole pregnancy and beyond!

Regular DVD Price: $75

Sale Price: $52.50

Use Code MAYVID at checkout 


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